This day and age, you almost don't need physical maps for road trips. Everything is on apps, online, and even in built-in GPS systems in vehicles.


If you would rather use online sites for your directions versus an app or GPS, here are the top three websites you can use to obtain your driving directions:


1. MapQuest -This one is actually one of my favorites and has always been accurate. It also includes current traffic conditions which are very helpful if you are worried about time. Best of all, it's free!


2. Waze -This is a popular app that has basic features and mapping tools. Google actually purchased Waze a few years ago. You can receive alerts from other drivers, traffic, construction, speed trap routes, and more!


3. AAA Driving Directions - If you prefer old school options, you can insert your information online and then even print it. There are many people that are more comfortable with physical directions and this is the one to use!


4. Other Options - Other great websites or apps are Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Yahoo Maps! It's almost impossible to get lost these days. We have everything at our fingertips to keep us organized and on track.


Another great resource to use with these apps and websites are distance between cities. You are able to type in where you are driving from to your next destination to get exact miles for planning out your trip. This is helpful for budgeting for gas, mapping out gas stations, hotels, and more!