A parent and teen road trip is a great way to connect. You could do the same with a tween who is quickly approaching the teenage years. The teen years can be a tough time for kids so planning some time away from screens, friends and the ups and downs that come with both can help to build a strong bond. Depending on what you both like, you can plan the trip together. You can also surprise your teen with a trip based on some prior discussions. Let's say you both talked about visiting museums, you could plan a museum adventure as a surprise. Here are some ideas for a mother and teen daughter road trip.


For The Amusement Park Lover


A trip to Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Studios will make a fun adventure for amusement park lovers. Be a young kid again, rock your Mouse Ears and visit all the attractions you love based on movies or characters. Eat cotton candy to your heart content and more.


For the Beach Bum


You could do a beach on either ocean or a lake. Find a fun beach town where there is a board walk, shops, and good dining as well.  


For The Outdoorsy Type


Most areas offer nearby outdoor exploration including hiking, kayaking and camping. Try to find a place that neither of you have been, even if it means driving a little farther, or making it a weekend overnight trip, and search for special sites such as waterfalls and amazing views.


For The Theatre Lover


Take a trip to NYC to take in some great shows on Broadway and Off Broadway too. There are various ways to get discounts including seeing earlier shows so plan which shows you want to see and make your way to the box office if they offer same day deals. Also, NYC lends itself to a host of other trip ideas. You could focus on the food, the many cultural hubs or the museums as a plan.


For the Museum Lover


As mentioned NYC is one of the best places to take in museums but for a fun museum adventure consider Washington D.C. The Smithsonian museums offer a host of options including history, art, and aviation focuses. There are 17 Smithshonian museums in Washington DC alone. The Smithsonian consist of 20 museums total so consider making the ones outside of DC a destination for another trip.